Here you’ll find a curated list of books I’ve mentioned on my podcast and personally recommend.

Book cover for The Hundred-Year Marathon

The Hundred-Year Marathon

By Michael Pillsbury

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Keith's Notes: This is Michael Pillsbury’s important, authoritative book on China’s ominous intentions. It has spawned an entire genre warning us about the CCP.

Book cover for Unsettled


By Steven E. Koonin

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Keith's Notes: An eminent climate scientist puts climate change in perspective. Dr. Koonin calls out those who manipulate and misrepresent climate facts to promote political agendas.

Book cover for The Myth of American Inequality

The Myth of American Inequality

By Phil Gramm, Robert Ekelund, John Early

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Keith's Notes: Authors Phil Gramm, Robert Ekelund, John Early authoritatively debunk widely-held assumptions about America’s so-called income inequality. A must read!

The Mystery of Capital

The Mystery Of Capital

By Hernando De Soto

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Keith's Notes: In this important book, the author, a highly respected economist, reveals capitalism’s “secret sauce “ — private land ownership.  As important: an American-style transparent and honest system for recording and defending title facilitates the collateralization of land and buildings.  This, in turn, fuels an economy’s growth.  Many nations embrace the concept, but too few have perfected the system. A must read for those who wonder why some countries consistently fail to reach their full economic potential.

Book cover for Congress At War

Congress At War

By Fergus M. Bordewich

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Keith's Notes: A fast-paced volume on how Republican Reformers in the U.S. House and Senate fought the Civil War, sometimes defied Lincoln, ended slavery, and remade America.

Cover for The Richest Man in Babylon

The Richest Man in Babylon

By George S. Clason

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Keith's Notes: Nearly 100 years ago – in 1926 – George S. Clason wrote what to this day is the quintessential book on wealth: The Richest Man in Babylon. The book has been republished many times and easily available. In this inspirational book, Clason offers this timeless advice:  pay yourself first.

Cover for The Dying Citizen

The Dying Citizen

By Victor Davis Hanson

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Keith's Notes: A must read: Dr. Hansen's perceptive analysis discusses how America's progressive elites have conflated citizenship with residency, how they have adroitly shifted their definition of "oppressed classes", how they intentionally diminish the accomplishments of past American generations, and how they are leading America toward the same tribalism that has caused the downfall of many previous governments.

Cover for Elon Musk Biography

Elon Musk

By Walter Isaacson

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Keith's Notes: Here is the no-holds-barred biography of the remarkable Elon Musk -- a true inspiration.

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