Dive into a collection of essays that peel back the layers on social, political, and economic topics featured in my podcast.


Where I Stand: A Summary

By Keith DeGreen

If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything. Issues can be complicated. Principles are not. This is where I stand. Freedom is not an ideology. It is the natural state of mankind. We were born to it. We are equipped for it. Just as a bird is equipped to fly, our physical abilities,…Read more


The Supremacy of Democratic Capitalism

By Keith DeGreen

National Champions The Chinese Communist Party – the CCP -- rules China. The Party looms above the government in China’s hierarchy of power. The CCP openly promotes and subsidizes state-owned or controlled companies, also known as “SOEs.” The CCP calls these state-owned enterprises...Read more


Democratic Capitalism: Profit or Plunder? 

By Keith DeGreen

Those Greedy Bastards! These days, the prevailing progressive-media view is that our American democracy is hopelessly flawed. For example, today’s talking heads assert that the deep anger of millions of Americans about the direction of our country is proof that American democracy is not working -- that there is a real risk the nation will…Read more

The Financial Responsibility Amendments with Introduction

By Keith DeGreen

Broke! Bankrupt! You know it and I know it. Our government is broke.This is not an exaggeration. It is not hyperbole. It is not an overstatement. "Broke", as in "broken". Despite what the Modern Monetary Theorists claim, when you borrow money to pay theinterest on what you owe; when your spending exceeds your income every…Read more

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