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Politics, Economics, and Active Retirement Living

I’m Keith DeGreen, now into my second retirement and your skipper on this podcast journey. From my sailing catamaran, the Relentless, I delve into the currents of politics, economics, life after retirement, and more. Join the As I SEA It podcast for your ticket to enlightening discussions, memorable tales, and fresh perspectives. Let’s set sail!

Relentless Delivery – Brief Overview

Watch the Relentless Delivery!

Watch a brief tour of my new boat the “Relentless” and discover the thrilling process of its offshore delivery over international waters.

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If you're new to this podcast, please watch this 3-part introductory series to discover more about me and the mission of this podcast.

Latest Podcasts

Keith’s Overnight Solo Sail Aboard “Relentless”

Keith’s Overnight Solo Sail Aboard “Relentless”

Sep 26, 2023

31 minutes

Ahoy, adventurers! Dive into my FIRST ever solo voyage aboard the "Relentless" as I set sail from the picturesque Ensenada. This isn't just a journey - it's a tale of excitement, challenges, and pure maritime magic. {echo:custom_teaser_text}

Censors, Cars, and Conceit

Censors, Cars, and Conceit

Sep 22, 2023

22 minutes

Paternalists -- the unelected administrative state -- ignore democracy and demand compliance with their ideological agendas. But Patriots are fighting back! From court decisions against government censorship, to legislation that stops California from imposing its crazy green mandates on the nation, to brave parents who fight to protect their children from the violent consequences of wokeness, Patriots ARE fighting back! {echo:custom_teaser_text}

Boomers Unite!

Boomers Unite!

Sep 19, 2023

22 minutes

We Baby Boomers are WAY richer and WAY more active than most people think! We’re about to transfer up to $84T in wealth – unless we spend it first! Oh, and one other thing: we VOTE! Please join me for this informative and fun look at the most influential generation in history! {echo:custom_teaser_text}

Building Wealth Series Ep. 3 – Investing & The 4 Year Election Cycle

Building Wealth Series Ep. 3 – Investing & The 4 Year Election Cycle

Sep 15, 2023

29 minutes

Did you know that each year in our four-year election cycle historically produces certain average returns and risks? How much do you stand to gain -- or lose -- each year? Sure, other factors matter too, but politics sets the environment in which investors interpret and act on market news. Stay in control of your financial future regardless of the year. {echo:custom_teaser_text}

Keith’s Financial Responsibility Amendments – Part 2

Keith’s Financial Responsibility Amendments – Part 2

Sep 12, 2023

45 minutes

I respectfully offer THREE powerful, non-partisan Financial Responsibility Constitutional Amendments – solutions that America desperately needs! The Financial Heritage Amendment to responsibly manage our nation’s debt; the Public Employees Fairness Amendment, to put private and public employees on equal footing; and the Regulatory Responsibility Amendment, requiring Congress to approve all regulations that impact the public. *Essay included. {echo:custom_teaser_text}

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