Boomers Unite!

Sep 19, 2023

Duration: 22 minutes

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We Baby Boomers are WAY richer and WAY more active than most people think! We’re about to transfer up to $84T in wealth – unless we spend it first! Oh, and one other thing: we VOTE! Please join me for this informative and fun look at the most influential generation in history!

In this edition of As I SEA It, I discuss the topic of us baby boomers. I share statistics on the disposable income and spending habits of boomers, emphasizing their status as the richest group of consumers in the world. I also address the misconception that boomers are just sitting at home watching TV, pointing out that they are active consumers who spend money on various goods and services.

I mention the significant transfer of wealth that boomers are expected to leave to their millennial children and the potential impact on the economy. Our conversation delves into the financial aspects of boomers’ lives, including their net worth, home ownership, and spending habits. I highlight the amount of money boomers spend on consumer goods, leisure travel, housing, dining out, gym memberships, electronics, supplements, and healthcare.

I then transition to the topic of boomers’ political influence. I discuss the high percentage of boomers who vote, and the shifts in the age demographics of registered voters. I acknowledge the tendency of older people to lean towards the Republican party but caution against making generalizations about boomers’ political affiliations. Our conversation concludes with a focus on Social Security and the challenges it poses.

I discuss the cost of living adjustments, the maximum benefit amounts, and the issue of means testing. I highlight the importance of savings and investments in retirement planning and express skepticism towards means testing for Social Security.

Overall, I present a comprehensive overview of the baby boomer generation, covering their demographics, wealth, spending habits, political influence, and concerns about Social Security.

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