Censors, Cars, and Conceit

Sep 22, 2023

Duration: 22 minutes

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Paternalists — the unelected administrative state — ignore democracy and demand compliance with their ideological agendas. But Patriots are fighting back! From court decisions against government censorship, to legislation that stops California from imposing its crazy green mandates on the nation, to brave parents who fight to protect their children from the violent consequences of wokeness, Patriots ARE fighting back!

In this edition of As I SEA It, I discuss the ongoing battle between patriots and paternalists in society. I define a paternalist as someone who believes they are uniquely qualified to dictate someone else’s behavior and has the capacity to mandate that behavior. I argue that our world is filled with paternalists, especially in government. I believe that these ideologues are paternalistic because they think they can dictate behavior based on their ideology, rather than their qualifications.

I share three stories to illustrate this point. The first story involves the suppression of free speech on social media platforms during the COVID-19 pandemic. I highlight a recent decision by the fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in Missouri versus Biden, which defined the constitutional limits of coordination between the government and private actors. The court found that government officials crossed the First Amendment line by coercing platforms with threats of antitrust action and legal liability for user content. I applaud the court’s decision and praise the Patriots who stood up against the paternalists suppressing free speech.

The second story focuses on California’s attempts to ban internal combustion engines and mandate electric vehicles. I argue that California’s mandates have national economic implications and that Congress needs to step in to protect consumers from increased costs. I spotlight a bill in the House of Representatives that aims to override EPA waivers and prevent California and other states from limiting the sale or use of internal combustion engines. I criticize the Supreme Court for not upholding the Constitution’s dormant commerce clause against state regulations that negatively impact other states.

The final story revolves around parental rights in Virginia. I discuss the case of a father who protested against his daughter’s sexual assault and the school’s attempt to hide it. Governor Glenn Youngkin recently pardoned the father, recognizing the severe miscarriage of justice. I stress the importance of parental rights and the urgent need for reform in Virginia’s education system. I urge listeners to support the Patriots in Virginia and throughout the nation to counteract the paternalists.

In conclusion, I contend that ideological paternalists are a threat to our freedoms, and it’s up to patriots to defend individual rights and curtail the influence of overreaching government officials.

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