Steve Yarbrough

Steven B. Yarbrough

Steven B. Yarbrough is an American attorney and politician notable for his long-standing service within the Arizona state government. A member of the Republican Party, Yarbrough’s political career has been marked by various leadership roles. From 2003 to 2011, he served in the Arizona State Legislature, initially in the Arizona House of Representatives for District 21, then moved to the Arizona Senate for District 21 in 2011. He served as the president of the Arizona Senate, representing District 17 from 2013 to 2019.

Throughout his political career, Yarbrough was an avid proponent of private school tuition tax credit programs, sponsoring numerous pieces of legislation to expand such programs in Arizona. These programs allowed state income tax liability to be converted into tax credits, which could then be applied towards tuition scholarships for students attending private elementary and secondary schools. Moreover, Yarbrough was the director of one of the largest of these programs, the Arizona Christian School Tuition Organization. His contributions to education in Arizona are also highlighted by his personal academic background, holding a BS in business administration and finance, as well as a JD from the Arizona State University College of Law.

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