Climate Crazies V.S. Common Sense

Sep 8, 2023

Duration: 26 minutes

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In this podcast episode I discuss the topic of climate change and the various perspectives surrounding it. I delve into the two rules I believe govern the discussion of climate change: common sense always wins over craziness, but it can take time for it to prevail, and subsidies distort markets and discourage innovation.

I argue that instead of exploring cleaner and more efficient energy sources like natural gas, the government has been pushing for unreliable and expensive green energy that is heavily subsidized. I criticize the notion that our planet is facing a climate emergency and argue that worst-case scenarios created by computer simulations have not come to pass. I also dismiss the idea that the world is facing extinction and highlight the three schools of climate change: science, politics, and religion.

I go on to critique some of the proposed solutions to combat climate change, such as banning meat consumption and limiting private vehicles. I question the credibility of organizations like the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group and express concern over the use of emergency powers by governments to push their climate agendas. I highlight the economic costs of climate change policies, including the impact on car manufacturers and the increasing subsidies for green technologies. I argue that these subsidies distort the market and prevent companies from investing in more efficient solutions.

I also criticize the lack of evidence that government spending on climate change has any impact on actual climate change. I conclude by suggesting that planting trees could be a viable and cost-effective solution to combat global warming. I call for a reevaluation of current climate change policies and a focus on free markets and individual freedoms.

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