Keith’s “Relentless” Voyage To Ensenada – Shove Off Before Sunrise

Aug 11, 2023

Duration: 24 minutes

In this episode, my son in law Mike and I are about to embark on our trip to Ensenada! We have tested the boat’s systems prior to departure and head off around 4am! We document our departure and show you how life is on the water throughout the day. I discuss the purpose of the boat’s trip to Ensenada. Keeping the boat in California would incur a high sales tax, so we are following California law by taking delivery offshore and keeping the boat in Ensenada for six months. Once we arrive in port I show you where the boat will be staying, as well as the hotel I am at while down here in Mexico.

Overall the trip was a major success and Mike and I had a blast. It feels good to finally have the “Relentless” in my possession, and one step closer to having her back in California waters for good!

This episode caps off with some photos we took along the way.

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