Photo of Congressman David Schweikert

David Schweikert

David Schweikert is a seasoned US Congressman, serving his sixth term and holding influential positions on several committees including the Ways and Means Committee and the Joint Economic Committee. He has contributed significantly to numerous legislative efforts, such as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and the USMCA trade deal, and has been an advocate for healthcare reform and financial services. Furthermore, Schweikert co-chairs various caucuses including the Blockchain Caucus, Telehealth Caucus, and Valley Fever Task Force, and has a special focus on tribal policies through his experience working with Arizona’s tribal communities.

Prior to his tenure in Congress, Schweikert was actively involved in Arizona’s state politics and was the Majority Whip in the state legislature at a young age. He has been appointed to several positions including Chair of the state’s tax court and has played a vital role in negotiating federal compacts with tribal communities. After a period of running a successful real estate business, he served as Treasurer of Maricopa County, earning acclaim for his pragmatic approach to fiscal management. Additionally, Schweikert is an advocate for free enterprise and innovation, and is dedicated to curbing federal spending and reducing national debt. Outside of his political career, he enjoys outdoor activities with his family.

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