America’s Healthcare & The Budget – Part 1 – The Challenge

Aug 4, 2023

Duration: 50 minutes

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In this podcast conversation, Congressman David Schweikert and I discuss the challenges posed by America’s healthcare crisis and national debt. David outlines the projected bankruptcy of Medicare, Social Security, and Medicaid funds and emphasizes the need for urgent solutions. He also highlights the demographic changes in the country, including a collapsing fertility rate leading to an aging population and more deaths in the future. Congressman Schweikert warns that the debt problem is so severe that even if the government cuts all military and non-defense discretionary spending, it will still need to borrow money. In the second part of the discussion, Congressman Schweikert proposes specific solutions to address the crisis in the US healthcare system. Premium members can access this part of the conversation, along with many other benefits.

Note: This is the first episode of my two-part interview with Congressman David Schweikert. Be sure to also watch part two, Americas Healthcare & The Budget – Part 2 – Solutions, where we discuss potential solutions to America’s healthcare crisis.

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