It’s All Good – Keith DeGreen Interview

Aug 3, 2023

Duration: 38 minutes

Keith DeGreen, Attorney and Certified Financial Planner.

Keith is a dynamic, multi-faceted, and exciting guy! Now, after a long and varied career and his second failed retirement, Keith hosts the exciting new podcast, As I SEA It!

In this episode we discuss Keith’s view on the love for his country, his family history, life after retirement, and the ability to fail in order to succeed.

This interview was conducted by Tom Dioro, a.k.a. The Podfather, for the It’s All Good Newport Beach podcast.

From the Balboa Island Clubhouse in Newport Beach, CA and on-location, Tom conducts one of a kind interviews with extraordinary people, entrepreneurs, executives, and community leaders. Discover more about the It’s All Good Newport Beach podcast on Spotify.

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